UNFIX Bologna is conceived as a shared, intense moment inspired by an ecological sensitivity and lived from an artistic perspective. We’ll meet physically and etherically with people attracted by similar reasons to think, image, create and share.

Our contribution will mainly take the form of ‘Notes from the Antrhopocene’, inspired by the desire to share a research, a feeling, a need more than a big statement.

We are overstimulated by thoughts, fears and information. We are facing an historical moment of deep contradictions. We can react in many ways. With UNFIX Bologna we offer a moment where many of these thoughts and fears can be shared, faced, discussed, artistically interpreted and digested, if possible.


Performance, 1h Yurta Maktub Website SUN 20 JUNE 9:00 PM BST


Performance, 45 mins Yuri Dini Website SAT 26 JUNE 8:00 PM BST


Francesco Privato