Notes from the Anthropocene (an extract from an ongoing movie)


Film, 12 mins


Yuri Dini and Filippo Romano Valtore


Carlo Ventura

Mario Arini

Julia con Stietencron

Luigi Lullo Mosso

Davide Lora

Alessandra Venturi

Antonella Barberio

Myriam Calcagnile

Valérie-Anne Desmaret


Cameras: Fil Valtore and Dario Tosto

Montage: Fil Valtore and Dario Tosto

Texts: Yuri Dini

Costumes: Julia von Stietencron

Sound recordings: Alessio Arfelli

Photo back stage: Francesco Arini

Support: Stefano Croci (Caucaso Factory)


Available from Sunday 27th June

Several dramaturgical lines cross this movie. There’s an old man speaking from an undefined future. Through his words shapes from a deep past arise. Something happened. Where there was a theatre now some fancy ruins stand. All those lives intertwined, all those memories. Through this old man’s eyes we travel towards the last days of the old era, we search for the causes of the drama, while primordial elements like Fire, Time and Water are scanned with a mythographical lens.”

Produced by:
UNFIX Festival
Camping Le Querce
VID art | science
Yurta Maktub
Comune Sasso Marconi


The story of the connections that brought us to this point is quite rich and complex. We could take the starting point as 2007, the year of birth of the research company called ‘Il Teatro della Beffa’, based in Bologna (Italy), inspired by Antonin Artaud, Carmelo Bene and Butoh dance…with a good dose of post-rock attitude.

Yuri Dini, theatre director and performer, moved in 2009 in Glasgow (UK) where he started to give Butoh classes in a church. To these classes came Paul M. Henry, and in a few months a promising collaboration took form. In the next years Mr Dini and Mr Henry formed another theatre company based on site specific performances using butoh dance, musique concrète and scenoghraphies built from recycled materials. The name was Knocking Theatre and the project got the chance to perform in festivals and theatres in Scotland, Sweden, Italy and Greece.
In the meantime, back to Italy, Yuri Dini became a member of VID art|science – experimental project led by Prof. Carlo Ventura.
In 2014 the desire to create an independent, intimate nomadic theatre brought the birth of Yurta Maktub, that since then is travelling with that mission.

Since 2020 a social cooperative inspired by Permaculture principles is hosting Yurta Maktub in Camping Le Querce, with the aim to create a permanent cultural centre in the middle of an oak forest.