Music Performance, 30 mins


Francesco Privato
curated by Mara Vittoria Tagliati



SAT  26 JUNE 7:00 PM BST

ISM was born from the study of the sound of six factory machines exhibited at the Industrial Heritage Museum of Bologna. The performance is established from the sound union of what today appears to us as ‘ancient robots’, generating a composition that tries to follow an emotional rhythm full of content history of industrial machines, not to reconstruct their history but to elaborate the significant element as an impact on our emotionality.


Francesco Privato (1979, Gela) is a nickname of Francesco Casciana, sound artist and Dj producer. His productions can look in two unequivocal perspectives; the first is tied to artistic production of electronic music and the second perspective is turns at experimental artistic research that sometimes leads to the realization of performances or sound installations. His performances and works have found a home in different spaces in the Italian artistic landscape. He is also active in the field of video art that he often uses as a visual extension of sound.