Film, 10 mins


Eva Jack


Closed Captioned

Contains some violent/upsetting scenes involving animals

Whale Watching follows the personal tale of an unfulfilled desire of seeing a living whale. Having never seen this creature for themself, the narrator is forced to look through the eyes of others, assembling fragments of found footage in an attempt to construct a picture of the elusive animal. Using observation, recollection and research the story recognises the multiplicity of the whale’s existence; from museum specimen to stranded on the beach.


Eva Jack is an artist based in Scotland. Her work centres around the strange relations that connect humans and animals. Eva is particularly fascinated by Natural History museums, where entertainment collides with education in artificial re-enactments of multispecies worlds. Given this context, her work does not necessarily focus on the animal itself but instead on their representation, cultural meaning and shared social history with humans. Ultimately, she is led by the question ‘Why Look at Animals?’ (borrowing the title of John Berger’s 2009 book), grappling with the power the human gaze has in turning animals into objects. She gives form to her research through immersive installations and written works. Using tatics like subversion she attempts to question the position of the human, de-stabilising the notion
of anthropocentrism.