Virtual exhibition



Roon works mainly on “wanders” by creating atmospheres and environments that get the audience to move slowly away from a fixed point or place. She is interested in slow temporality, moving away from the logic of storytelling where the audience focus is not framed. The visible growth of plants (leaves and roots) integrated to her sculptures and installations balances the rigid frames to form an unfinished, ever developing piece.


Roon is a visual artist working on interior garden concepts. After studying philosophy in Paris, she worked as an award winning director/designer and drama teacher in New York City while continuing her education (Yale Drama School and Stanford Ignite certifications). During that time she developed her vision of indoor floating gardens after coming across gardens in Charleston (SC), Sintra (Portugal), or Oaxaca (MX). She realized her first prototypes in Paris and Portugal. She now wants to use her skills to create “Garden memorials” dedicated to the covid19 victims, reusing the plexiglass panes that have become so present in our lives.