The wind In the labyrinth


Butoh Dance, 13.5m


Yuri Nagaoka


Available from Friday 11 June

This world is a confused labyrinth.
The people are wandering in the labyrinth with confusing.
No one knows what we should do.
Only wind knows what is happening in this world.
Hear the sound and voice of wind with silence.
Actually our soul and body know what is happening in this world and where we should go.


YURI NAGAOKA was born in Tokyo.Yuri began her ballet training at the age of ten,and at twelve she joined Hiraoka Shiga Dance Company to learn modern ballet. She took interests in various forms of performing arts and saw many dance and theater performances until she encountered Butoh in her late teens. Since then, she has been active in creating and showing her own performance pieces, both in Japan and overseas. From 1997, she performed and gave workshops in many countries such as South Korea, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England and Mexico.She joined the film 「Shureitachi」directed by Masaki Iwana as an actress in 2004. She organized Butoh Company Dance Medium with Seisaku(Butoh Dancer from Hakutohboh)and performed group pieces from 2005. In 2012, Yuri awarded a prize from Japan dance critics association by the piece “Kaeru-coming home”