A blooming flower in the night


Butoh Dance, 18.5 mins





Saturday 12 June 8:00PM BST

There is something like a shimmering flower in the darkness. Is it a figure which adores the movements of the dead when they were alive? Is it a wriggle of luminescence of a life which is about to be born? It is a shimmer of light which is continuously appearing and disappearing. A world of small, a world of narrow, a world of thin, a world of faint… I am comfortably falling into the dazzling deep darkness in such worlds.


SEISAKU had learned Butoh under Tatsumi Hijikata from 1984~1986. After Hijikata past away, Seisaku joined Hakutohboh until 1996. At the same time, he organized Butoh company ’Gnom’.From 2004, Seisaku joined Dance Medium presided by Yuri Nagaoka and has been worked as choreographer and director with her.

In 2012, he awarded from Japan Dance critics association by the piece ‘“Kaeru-coming home” with Yuri Nagaoka.Seisaku has been active in doing workshop, creating and showing Butoh pieces, both in Japan and overseas.