Performance, 20 mins


Saki Kawamura

You may be like Boy. You may be like Tree. Or, you might be like both Boy and Tree. It is completely up to you about what you see and how you feel in this story. You don’t even have to describe it with words. That’s why a story exists. A story is a mirror which reflects your soul.

by Haruki Murakami (the translator of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein)


Saki Kawamura a NY-based director and interdisciplinary artist, originally from Japan. Her passion for theatre has led her to move to NYC in 2019. She currently pursues her MFA in Directing at the Actors Studio Drama School. BA in Sociology and Media Studies from International Christian University in Tokyo. She puts her value on the process of collaboration. She loves to hear the stories of her collaborators and put them into the works, which she believes is the important chemistry to make a unique art.