Audio, 30 mins


Jane Pitt


takes you for a walk without a map

begin where you are (or choose another location) a space between, a pause

press play



follow the sounds to find your drift


every turn, crossing & boundary is there.

Recorded during my own sloops¹ on the flat wet edges of Kent.. we walk apart together.

Share responses & screenshots of tracked drifts made en route via #UnfixFestival2021

¹sloop = meander/drift/dérive


Jane Pitt is an artist based in Kent, England. She makes site-responsive analogue and digital works that include sound, voice, image, text, installation and walks. Often sited in unusual public spaces, incl land, water and
moving vehicles. Her work evokes a heightened awareness of environment and encourages a curiosity in the topography and complexity of a place.
Her recent work includes:

‘Listening Between: There Here’ an augmented reality geo-located sound walk & ‘Breathe in..Breathe out..’ a multi-speaker sound installation both commissioned for SparkedEcho/Electric Medway 2020 ; ‘Fl-utter-ances (Tree Songs)’ outdoor audio-visual installation for Inside Out Dorset Festival 2018; ‘Maunder Maps’ commission for Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft, Sussex 2018-19 and an international residency at UZarts – Sura Medura, Sri Lanka in 2019.
In 2021 her projects continue to focus on the urban edged River and Wetlands she lives alongside, in particular ‘Exchanged Tides’ (ACE SE funded) an intercultural research project exploring the relationship between the hyper-local and the global focused on the waterways that connect us to each other and the wider world through current, tidal rhythm, exchange and flow.

Total Theatre Magazine described Jane’s work Fl-utter ances (Tree Songs).. is many things simultaneously: a time-based performance work, a sound installation, and an ongoing environmental art project. Such a nurturing work of art – truly food for the soul.’