Film, 15 mins


Brandon Perdomo

SHEDDINGSOMETHINGSHEDDING is space where practice meets testimony, as independent artists share their stories-of-becoming in a reimagining of a salon-style gathering in a digital space.

Exploring both creative process and the embodied experiences that informs their practices, this multicultural and intergenerational oral history-based project aims to encourage curiosity & wonder, and reclamation of narrative power to communities often both unheard and negotiated as other.


Brandon Perdomo is an interdisciplinary artist from the occupied territories of Lenapehoking, currently known as New York City – fascinated with self-reflection and alterity, which are the engines of his interventions. Interested in contemporary politics, ancestral negotiation, and the intricate manners in which the body is perceived in the public sphere, his social practice turns toward stories of radical self-ownership, and what it means to “become”.