Verónica Mota


2012 is believed to mark the change of an Era in the Mayan Calendar. We experience a moment of destruction, change and the possibility to reset our economical, social and political endeavours before it is too late. For many centuries we have established a strong construct known as Civilisation in Western Culture. Also, there has been a social and political system based on hierarchical structures and heteronormativity which have denied and sacrificed the Feminine Divine. The illusion of human Gender as a mere division between She or He has created oppressive partitions and social determinations following a fraudulent so called “natural” categorisation based on old medical studies and biologism still accepted as facts. Today every other Gender out of this dichotomy has been mutilated and forced to adapt to the construct of normality. The Third Gender, the Queer Gender, the Post-Gender and the No-Gender have been neglected for centuries destroying the sacred, shamanic and magical potential given to each human being. The medical discourse also brought the idea of mental illness which has created a huge spectrum of stigmatisation placing thousands of humans in mental hospitals, keep them alienated, drugged/sedated and completely co-dependent to the pharmaceutical industry. The so called “mentally ill” as signifier and construct has shot down many people worldwide who have strong spiritual power, leadership and visionary potential. Many have been banned from their Shamanic inherent force and healing powers. In the recent Century, we have experienced an apocalyptic journey as a result of industrial production, profit, slavery and exploitation of human forces and natural resources. The so-called Western Civilisation has reached the warnings given already by Science Fiction and Cyberpunk. More than an Utopia, we are building a Dystopia where the Big Brother operates within the Net using total surveillance, cybernetic machines, technological determinism and masculinist reproductive normativity, among many more things. We have become Cyborgs in a society where social media, on-line avatars, virtual reality and technologies of violence have the most concerning terrors of all: the natural and animal Armageddon. We are ruled by a Corporate Oligarchy where only a few share power and total privilege at the costs of millions of human and animal lives. We are run by global networks following politics of extermination. This is a violent age where ancestral indigenous knowledge is in total danger, and the balance in the natural world, lost. Real Capitalism is a powerful Hydra which implants the idea of no other system but itself. This illusion has been accepted as the world’s frame, as the only model we can follow. The result of such an economic model is total murder, division, individualism, alienation, extermination, exploitation and deep suffering. Real Capitalism has brought the Post Truth momentum. What is real is no longer real but hyper-real, a new context where scientific and historical facts are denied. We experience a moment in which the Holocaust never happened, so they said. Where whistleblowers such as Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden are put on the blacklist with a slow death sentence for defending and exposing political and economical Truths. This racist, xenophobic and male-dominated model is no longer sustainable. The climate crisis is not a joke. When we talk about alchemical processes of resistance we mean to dissect and unveil a system against us all. Here and now we call our ancestors and our protectors. We call Shamans, Magicians, and all of those Warriors of Light who are ready to defend Mother Earth, the Feminine Divine, the no-gender beings, our children & the animal kingdom. Warriors of Light this is the time to gather, connect, use technologies and do alchemical processes of resistance.


Verónica Mota is a writer, sound artist, musician, body art performer, activist and teacher based in Berlin. After doing Philosophy studies in Mexico City, she/they worked as journalist and radio producer in Mexico, the US and Germany focusing on socio-political, Gender & cultural themes.

Currently, she/they work as part of the AHACk: Sarah Connor Has a Dream zine collective which publishes their/hers written text on technology, transhumanism, cyberpunk, feminism & Capitalist Realism. She operates also under the name Espectra Negra in the dark ambient, ritualistic, techno
and post-industrial music scene Berlin’s. As an activist, she/they work mainly spreading technological, critical and political content online as well as giving community based workshops on music production, collective healing and techno-shamanism.