Live Performance, 30 mins


Carrie Fertig



Contains loud sounds of ice breaking

Hanging from a large-scale plumb bob or plummet, thousands of glass icicles crash together in a cacophonous roar, tolling end times to radically alter our impact, waste, and behaviour. Propelled by performer/maker Carrie Fertig, the plummet swings on a threatening trajectory. Fertig wears an isolating glass bubble covered in shards of black glass on her head. Riotous noise dissolves into a crowd-sourced soundscape.


Carrie Fertig is a socially engaged interdisciplinary artist working in performance, video, sound, installation, and sculpture. Her work seeks to make compelling and safe situations and environments in which viewers and participants can explore their deepest selves and that which they hold most close to their hearts. Exploration of difficult and uncomfortable aspects of being human, like the processes of dying and forgiving, are ongoing themes of research. Pushing societal norms around dying and the lack of conversation about the inevitable motivates Fertig to make challenging work with the aim of being emotionally useful.

Often using glass for its sonic, encapsulating, and transparent qualities, live performances may include the making and/or destruction of objects. Founder of collaborative glass music/electronics group Torcher Chamber Arkestra, Fertig is the recipient of the 2020 Jane Adams Wait Residency at Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York.