Ma on the edge


Performance, 15 mins each



RenGyoSoh company members


Performers: Saki Kawamura, Miles Butler, Yokko, Annie McCoy, Zak Ma

Concept, Artistic Direction & Editing: Yoshiko Sienkiewicz

Theme Music: Paul Michael Henry

Direction (ep 5): Brian Rhinehart

Videographer (ep3 & 5): Krzy Sien

Videographer (ep2):Charlie Himel

Videographer (ep2):Bonnie Puk

Videographer (ep2):Ki-hong Jang

Music (ep2): Marlfaux


Ep 1 Available from Tues 15 Jun
Ep 2 Available from Thurs 17 Jun
Ep 3 Available Mon 21 Jun
Ep 4 Available Thurs 24 June
Ep 5 Available Sat 26 June

“Ma” is a Japanese word and concept which exists between time and space. It exists between this past year and now, between people, and between people and space. Ren Gyo Soh company members explore “Ma” through sight specific dances in selected neighborhoods of New York City. We dance with the energy of the land, the energy of people, and the energy of nature, which reflects on our lives in New York City NOW 2021


連翹奏-Ren Gyo Soh- is a multi-award winning New York-based group. It was founded by a Japanese Artist, Yokko in spring of 2014. It produces her works collaborating with other artists using Butoh dance, movement, Physical Theatre, acting, yoga, and voice. It hosts workshops nationally and internationally throughout a year. Yokko created Ren Gyo Soh to be her KAI, a Japanese word of a gathering, to broaden her training, and collaborate with others to create new works and share them to the world in order to “being a cultural bridge.” Its major work is Butoh Medea, Hide Your Fires: Butoh Lady Macbeth, SHINKA, En: 2021 Events: UNFIX NYC: Creating Awareness of Ecology Through Arts (2016-2019) Workshops: RGS training course, Transformation, Butoh & Movement (USA-Europe: Universities, Festivals)