Live Stream, 10 mins


Carmen Berbel-Lapaz

A movement vignette on Govanhill streets and its alive rococo fly tipping exterior design. Two beings, a sensing pastiche of a mover, portrayed by Alexandra Tsiapi, and a dancing camera open a live urban dialog highlighting the absurdist fantasy of both emotional and materialistic dumping. Imagine the pile of trash at my door is a therapist, their preloved life guiding passersby and mine’s. What makes us tick, what chips away at them. Sentient rubbish making the public a healing junkyard space.


Carmen is a trained designer and dancer, researcher and facilitator working with creative movement and imagery, drawing from both the natural and the fantastic. Aiming at experiencing over producing. She is interested in improvisation as a way for exploring juxtapositions and problem solving at the same time as to counteract her excessive organisational skills. Carmen is particularly interested in inclusivity and accessibility of creative processes and somatic practices. Her multidisciplinarity has brought her to blend practices while being involved in both staged and site specific productions and performances in the UK & Spain at the same time as assisting in community dance projects across Scotland where she is based and forms part of Vaivén Movement Collective.