Performance, 10 mins



Brandon Perdomo / Lauren Sky


This live time delay acts as an intervention in time, perhaps intention, and serves us a momentary reprieve from the linear expectation of push/pull resistance and its imposition. The dancer moves, is moved, and condemns himself as a figment of the past. In a reimagining of memory, perhaps anchors of monument and shadow, this collaboration translates as a self-improvisation, a duality of here/there, now/then
– a real schizm of nowness. The mover faces the past, the bounds of decision and strength in its action, and is met with immediate images of the past. The soundscape rifts through the synthetic memories of what is and what has been, complimenting and acting often in conversation within the fabric of the movement created.


Brandon Perdomo is an interdisciplinary artist from New York, fascinated with self-reflection and alterity, which are the engines of his performances and images. Interested in contemporary politics and minorities, as well as in the intricate manners in which
the body is perceived in the public sphere, he channels his aspirations towards social activism, which seem to have reemerged into his more recent creative work – since behind his impressively coherent and visually stunning work lies a healthy dose of thought and research, as well as the ambition to tackle some serious philosophical questions about human existence and, as he says, ”I share my world with others, and I need worlds to be shared with me.”

Perdomo has elaborated his devotional research, performance performance and integration “in- service-of” and “alongside” communities from his extensive residency and research at Socrates Sculpture Park (LIC Queens, NY) to the SculptureCenter (LIC Queens, NY), Mandragoras Arts Space (Astoria Queens, NY), Teatro Munganga (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Snug Harbor Cultural Center (Staten Island, NY), DFBRL8R (Chicago), Synthesis New and Experimental Series (Seattle, WA), The Watermill Winter Gala with LEIMAY – 2018 (NYC, NY), earthBODYment (Lasqueti Island BC, Canada) among others. Perdomo has been the proud recipient of the DCA Art Fund Grant honored by the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island (2017, 2018, and 2019).

Lauren Sky is a composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with a special interest in electronic/experimental music and movement practices. She has over 20 years of experience performing as a musician, nationally & internationally, and has a passion for working with movement artists, dancers, and Butoh performers.