Performance, 20 mins


Artist, performance, sculpture, sound, editor: Luke Jordan
Videographer: Robin Gething


Closed Captioned
Content warning: Flashing lights, loud sounds, simulated self asphyxiation

Within an isolated room the natural, domestic and industrial entwine in a shifting sculptural landscape of integrating and disintegrating bodies, spawning demonic entities, fleshly spectres and hybrid forms; enacting the metamorphosis of the human and non-human, the dissolution and mutation of identity and subjectivity, and the primordial emergence of potentially from unformed chaotic ferment. Visceral imagery and electronic sound are conjoined in a disorientating immersion into an apocalyptic hallucinatory world.


Luke Jordan works in and between live art, sonic art, sculpture, installation and moving image. He was commissioned to perform and exhibit at In Nihilum Exhibition, Swiss Church, London (UK) (2020), and to create a solo site-specific installation/performance at Ruby Cruel Gallery, London (2019). He received the Emerging Artist Sonic Arts Exhibition Award, The Auxiliary, Middlesbrough (UK) (2019) and was commissioned to perform at CREATurE Live Art, Kaunas (LT) (2018), Future Ritual, Arnolfini, Bristol (UK) (2018).

He has also created work for various festivals, exhibitions and radio programs, including Liminality, Gallery 46, London (UK) (2018, 2019, 2020), Corroding the Now: Poetry + Science|SF, Birkbeck University, London (UK) (2019), Squash & Stretch, Oxford Brooks & Modern Art Oxford (UK) (2018), Bad Punk, Resonance 104.4fm, London (UK) (2019), The Wrong Show, Resonance 104.4fm, London (UK) (2019), Carbonarium International Performance Festival, Kyiv (UA) (2018), Performance Crossings, Cross Attic, Prague (CZ) (2018), Hierarchies Exhibition, Chelsea College, London (UK) (2013), Noise=Noise, ICA, London (uk) (2012)