Bubbling in Thick Time: farmer, shower, consumables, strainer, microcosms, stillness


Performance, 15 mins


Clarinda Tse

Lillian Ross-Millard
M.E. Smit-Dicks


Available from Sat 19 June

Celebrating fragmented processes and intuitive guidance, the piece invites viewers to experience the daily magic, with the body as activation, embodying both the subject and object, transgressing otherness and efficacy. Surrounding the materiality of water pockets as time-holding devices, opacity and gloss are composed in dispersed times, sandwiched are fractal behaviours. Brokenness, messiness (meshiness) are glued and pampered through shifting orientations, comforting and gloopy.


Clarinda Tse  is an interdisciplinary artist, listener, facilitator, movement practitioner, Hong-Kong born and Glasgow-based. She works across being a sofa barnacle and a mutating muscle and is currently a committee member of Market Gallery, Glasgow.

Tactility being the inspiration for exploration, she connects with other-than human lifeforms and objects, finding creativity in shifting materiality and textures, experimenting with potentially edible materials. Refractive bodies, opacity, mesh, flexibility, orientation, mass, moulding, fractals, stillness, waves and weave form some of her sensual language. Honouring intuition and dreams, the making and the viewing are multi-layered and open-ended. She interacts with slipperiness, exploring tension in relation to appearance and actualisation, marking diasporic conditions in scattered times. Through these processes, finding aliveness in symbiotic existence.

Her work has been supported by: Present Futures, online (2021); The Work Room Artist Research Bursary, Glasgow, U.K. (2020-21); Create: Inclusion Residency, Bothy Project and Transmission, Glasgow, U.K. (2020-21); Studio Projects, Market Gallery, Glasgow, U.K.(2019).