Film, 10 mins


Christian-Alexandru Popa


Closed Captioned

An absurd reasoning and journey of self through sound design and performance echoing duality while orientating through nature.


My practice is conceptually orientated and represents an audio-visual flow that processes a self, created in the film through symbolic representations. grounded in understanding the dialectical relationship between social existence and cultural practice.

It is a poetic cinema of self-expression that seeks allegorical status in its attempt to articulate the past while using montage and sound as a sense of tropology. My filmmaking is an experience as well as a system of communication that utilizes multiple perspectives to situate the viewer in a familiar position of relating to the world. The image is neither objective nor subjective but a process of transformation creating cinematic meaning while the sound is empathetic, driving the story forward. This constitutes a hybrid form of filmmaking with cognitive effect mediating between elements of documentary, fiction, and experimental genres.