Film, 10 mins


Ladypants Productions

Katherine Adamenko

CHOKED is a performative statement about the iniquities of worldwide, pollution-related sickness and death magnified in the age of Covid in a world that that exploits cheap labor for goods.
The breath soundtrack is inspired by the self-discovery of deep open-mouth breathing while in a butoh workshop and a deeper exploration into eastern breathing techniques and meanings behind pranayama, kokyu, kundalini, ma, chi, ki, and more. The piece is also inspired by the choreographer’s own experience with asthma and unexpected and overwhelming emotional response while getting her first vaccination shot.


Katherine Adamenko is a multi-disciplinary performance artist, choreographer, butoh dancer, and writer. Her boundary-breaking and interactive performances have been presented in theatres, festivals, galleries, museums, conferences, and site-specific locations throughout the United States and Europe, and online internationally.