Chi Sono Le Nuvole


Performance, 15 mins


Henni Rissone and Rosalba Castelli




Othello: “In the end, what is the truth? What I think of myself, what people think or what the man inside there thinks?”
Jago: “Do you hear something within you? Concentrate on it! Do you hear something? Eh?”
Othello: “Yes… Yes, I hear something … that…”
Jago: “Well… That is the truth … But shh, do not name it, because as soon as you name it, it is gone …”
from “What the clouds are” by P. P. Pasolini

The subjective truth is easily broken and ethereal like a cloud, but at the same time similarly beautiful. We are born pre-defined in a world which imposes an image on us and we are like puppets thrown into the theater of the world, we play a preliminary part which, ironically, is the only one which allows us to enter the stage.
In any case, when we meet somebody – not just anybody – listening, something arises as a question and allows us to recognize that wordless truth and can give shape to a nameless beauty not preliminary anymore, but simply excruciating. When we become aware of what we are and what we can be with the other, then we can address the world bringing, each one in his or her own way, our beauty.
Starting from 1967 Pier Paolo Pasolini medium-lenght movie “Che cosa sono le nuvole” (“What the clouds are”) the performance tries to illustrate this human search.


Henni Rissone works as a psychologist and movement-dance-therapist in Turin. She graduated as a shiatsu operator in Hakusha school of Turin and she leads groups of expressive search of movement, starting from the hearing of energetic meridians.
During her young age she studied jazz and contemporary dance at the Hélène Sarie school. In the last five years she took an interest in butoh dance: among her masters: Masaki Hiwana, Minako Seki, Atsushi Takenouchi, Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, Yumiko Yoshioka and Yuri Dini.
She currently is the president of the Social Progress Association Artemixia. www.artemixia.it

Rosalba Castelli, painter, artist, performer, deals with intimate and intimist themes, to confront with the reality around her through the artistic means, together with her ethnological and sociological knowledges, to convey important messages and express her civic standing, in particular with respect to civil and minorities rights. Author of the collections “Stati d’Anima” (Soul States) (2012-13), “Stanze” (Rooms) (2014) and “dalla donna alla Donna” (From woman to Woman) (2016), in 2017, with the project “Famiglie: mettiamoci la faccia!” (Families: let’s show our faces!) a “shout of protest against those who would discriminate some forms of love”, the artist challenges prejudices and lack of precision of the political and juridical compromise, putting herself between the equalization of the social formative gap and the cultural resistance.

In 2018 Rosalba brings to light the project “C(i)elate” (“Cloud(ed)”), which represents an important destination for her artistic language. Not infrequently the artist proposes forms of interaction with the observer, going from site-specifics setting ups, during which the spectator is invited to interact with the works, to the semi-organized qualitative interviews, up to the proposal of performing acts, with the aim of conveying and integrating the message shown with different modalities and to investigate the level of feedback of the public. From 2019 Rosalba is the artist director of the project for the prevention of violence against women named “Rosso Indelebile” (Indelible Red).