Film, 10 mins


Erika Hassan

Film and Sound design: David Plakke,

Editing: Max Fulton Peluffo


A solo dance on film in nature.


Erika Hassan:

In 1992 I left university and moved to New York to pursue dance. I was training intensively in Ballet Modern and the Gyrotonic Method. I was a dance artist performing with several small contemporary companies in NY when, in 2001, I tagged along with a friend to 3 week Body Weather Farm intensive led by Min Tanaka in Japan. My whole vision of dance and myself as a dancer began to open. I stayed after the workshop to perform at PlanB and later continued my experiences and training in Butoh with teachers including Min Tanaka, Akira Kasai, Maureen Fleming,and Yokko.

David Plakke:

I’ve dedicated my life to the creation of images, both still and moving.
After receiving my Master of Fine Arts in photography and film-making, I spent a decade in education, the last faculty position held with Sandy Skoglund at Rutgers University, Newark.
Being an educator – that is, sharing information – remains a part of my working fabric with the inclusion of clients as collaborators in the sessions’ creative process.