Performance, 20 mins


Nurya Chana

Aspiration coincides breath, search, journey, and aim. The movement of aspiration reaches up and down in a vertical effort as well as expansion and contraction. This piece is a revealed practice and effort to learn from the biological patterns of aspiration, their cycles and methods towards self betterment. The sculptural works present with the dancer are non-species-specific dancers also in suspension, working in an almost imperceptible timeframe of movement and process. The relationship between the human and the sculptures expands this practice into a posthumanist and interspecies navigation towards increased sensitivity and understanding.


Nurya Chana (b.1988, Bronx, NY) paints, sculpts, and performs to grapple with discontinuities between self and other, the inner and outer self, physicality and feeling. Her practice aims to expose the non-mental voices of the body, reconciling life sciences with the complexity and potency of being alive.